Friday, December 21, 2007

Industries in India

Setting up of industries in India;

1) In India industries were set up in different regions by rich businessmen.

2) a)Many businessmen had helped the British in trade of opium with China.
b) They had earned a lot through trade.
c) They had visions of setting up industrial enterprises in India.
e.g.Dwarkanath Tagore in Bengal & Dinshaw petit in Bombay.

3) a) The first cotton textile mill was estd. by Kawasji Nanabhai in Bombay in 1853.
b) The first jute mill was estd. at Rishra in Bengal in 1855.
c) The first Iron & Steel industry was set up by Jamshedjee Tata at Jamshedpur which started commercial production in 1912
d) In 1925 The Burma oil co: estd. a petrol refinery at Digboi in Assam.

4) Businessmen collected capital through other networks e.g. through trade with Burma,the middle east,& East Africa.

5) Some commercial groups operated in India ,earned money, which they later invested in setting up factories.

6) European managing agencies controlled a large sector of Indian industries till the first world war.

Migration of workers;

1) Workers came to work in industries from the neighbouring districts e.g. over 50 % workers in the Bombay cotton industries in 1911 came from neighbouring district of Ratnagiri.

2)Peasants & artsans who had no work in the village went to the industrial centres in search of work.

3)Workers travelled long distances in the hope of work in the mills. e.g. workers went to work in the textile mills of Bombay & in jute mills of Calcutta from the United provinces.

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